Case 1 – A World Bank

A world top 100’s bank has used Leading Edge’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) analytics solution to analyze their large amount NPS survey results collected from their different touch points (e.g. Call Centre, Branches, Events, Websites and Mobile Apps, etc.), they were used manpower to consolidate and analyze the contents but found that it is a heavy time-consumption job, also missing many valued insights due to human resource limitations.

LeadingEdge has developed a dedicated NPS analysis platform, this platform not only can calculate the NPS result, but also can automatically categorize the feedback topics and then assign a service code that customers defined for easy tracking in the future, it also analyzes the free text contents to get more concrete reasons about why the customer has such rating.

Since most text feedbacks in Hong Kong are combined with Chinese Traditional/Simplified, English and Cantonese Slang, LeadingEdge has refined the multilingual contextual analysis engine to fit for that. LeadingEdge’s platform also helps customers discover useful keywords and do a detailed statistic report, this can summarize and standardize the customer concerns, the concluded feedback summary is a valued experience data to customers enhance their future plan and strategy for their customer service.

This company also used LeadingEdge’s social analytics solution to monitor their brand ambassador promotion campaign. Our solution helps this company monitor the public feedbacks on their brand ambassador, promoting service and also the similar services from their competitors, our solution found out there are quite a lot of negative public feedbacks about their brand ambassador on their promotion advertising, the analysis result indicates that the brand ambassador’s public image is quite good but she is not suitable for the advertising topic image that they proposed, the company finally shorter their campaign period and reused the campaign budget for other much effective promotion.


Case 2 – Large Transportation Service Provider

A large Hong Kong transportation service provider who serving millions Hong Kong citizens daily, the company is facing a big challenge on how to monitor and analyze a large number of public feedbacks timely, they expect to know the incident as earlier as possible and then timely prepare the corresponding strategy to minimize the incident effect. They have complained that many top social analytics tools in the market cannot meet their requirements.

After project discussion with their users from different departments and senior management, we finally understood that they need a solution with timely content and much accurate sentiment analysis result. We found that their previous analysis accuracy was low because the solutions that they used do not have good enough support on the Chinese language (especially for the Cantonese slang), so we have tailormade a nearly real-time solution with advanced multilingual contextual analysis support for them.

Other than that, we are also added an “Auto Topic Categorization” feature at the solution, it can automatically categorize contents into a relevant topic category, so different users can check out their interested topic contents very conveniently (e.g. Marketing staff can check out marketing contents, operation staff can check out operation contents).

We have also added another feature called “Crisis Monitoring & Alert”, which is a useful feature to keep monitoring their concerned crisis keywords, the system will alert their assigned users immediately if a potential crisis is found from the social media.


Case 3 – Government Department

As one of the most important departments of the Hong Kong government, they served every Hong Kong citizen and travelers, so even a little incident can trigger great positive or negative public feedback.

The department used social analytics solution to monitor the public image of their department and analyze the public opinions on some of their concerned incidents, these analysis results can help them optimize their future strategy on similar incidents, to enhance their public relations.


LeadingEdge pioneered the introduction of high accurate Chinese language support social analytics in the Hong Kong market, advanced contextual analysis, and machine-learning techniques are heavily used to achieve a high level of analytical accuracy and user operation convenience, enterprises can raise their operation efficiency and minimize the workload of manpower through the automated operation and intelligent analysis results. The system also helps users find out some insights that are very hard to be discovered by a human, this is a good example of how technology is creating a new world of work.

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