Data Consultation - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅數據諮詢
Modern Data Platform - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅現代化數據平台
Machine Learning - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅機器學習
Predictive Analysis - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅預測分析

Data Analytics Journey

Phase 1 – Data Consultation

  • On-prem to Cloud Solution
  • Centralize Cloud Architecture Design
  • Guidelines on industries’ best practice
  • Data governance and security advisory
  • Various database optimization solution

Keyword: Data Study, Architecture, Roadmap

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Phase 2 – Modern Data Platform

  • Ready to go from on-prem to cloud?
  • Data sources are ready for cloud integration?
  • Data models are ready for dynamic data visualization enhancement?
  • Data governance and PII security implemented?
  • Cloud optimization such as parallel process?
  • Faster data access such as streaming data for application?

Keyword: Data Platform, Modelling, Security, Analysis

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Phase 3 – Machine Learning

  • Data models ready for Machine Learning
  • Provided scoring system as customer scoring
  • Abnormal detection on major variance & build case models
  • Social listening NLP service for branding and customer sentiment
  • Intelligent person count captured by IoT devices

Keyword: Scoring System, Customer Segmentation

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Phase 4 – Predictive Analysis

  • IoT walk-path analysis on customer journey
  • Predictive model forecast & future prediction
  • Recommendation engine based on phase 4 customer scoring and location-based data
  • Intelligent IoT noise-data cleansing / filtering such as wireless device between floors

Keyword: Recommendation Engine, Planning Forecast

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