Hong Kong Data Consultation Service 香港數據諮詢服務 Data Consultation ONE STOP DATA SERVICE MORE DETAILS Hong Kong Modern Data Platform 香港現代化數據平台 MORE DETAILS Modern Data Platform ONE STOP DATA SERVICE Hong Kong Machine Learning 香港機器學習 Machine Learning MORE DETAILS ONE STOP DATA SERVICE Hong Kong Predictive Analysis 香港預測分析 MORE DETAILS Predictive Analysis ONE STOP DATA SERVICE


The digital age is moving fast and modern enterprises have to move even faster, any business that doesn't make use of its data allowing a valuable resource to be wasted.


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Data Consultation - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅數據諮詢
Modern Data Platform - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅現代化數據平台
Machine Learning - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅機器學習
Predictive Analysis - Data Analytics Journey 數據分析之旅預測分析



Leading Edge Group offers retail industry data analytics solutions, such as:   1.Recommendation Engine Customer Profiles, Shopping History, Online Activity, Social Network Analysis   NEXT BEST AND PERSONALIZED OFFERS Customer 360 & Consumerization Right product, promotion, at right time Similarity search in inventory Faster Innovation for Customer Experience   2.Effective Customer Engagement Shopping History, Online [...]


Leading Edge Group offers insurance industry data analytics solutions, such as:   1.Effective Profit Analysis Consumer Data, Alternative Data, Credit Data, Claims History, Demographics, etc.   ACTUARIES SCIENCE Advanced Math analytics Alternative datasets in underwriting to calculate premiums Predictive modeling for likelihood of future events Machine learning to predict and optimize models   2.Decision Services [...]


Leading Edge Group offers healthcare industry data analytics solutions, such as:   1.Predictive Analytics Member, Claims, Payment, Location, Provider Data   CLAIMS ANALYTICS Claims Data Warehouse Claims Fraud Detection Claims Loss Reserve Analysis Cluster Analysis in Epidemiology Pay for Performance/Value based outcomes Payment Integrity Predictive modelling to improve Revenue and Performance using ETL/ML   2.Patient […]

Media & Entertainment

Leading Edge Group offers media & entertainment industry data analytics solutions, such as:   1.Personalized Recommendations Customer profiles, viewing history, online activity, content sources, channels   AUDIENCE PERSONALIZATION Recommendation Engines Audience platform Personalized viewing and engagement experience Next best content analysis Loyalty promotions Faster innovation for customer experience   2.Information Optimization Consumption logs, clickstream & [...]


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