Leading Edge Social Analytics Platform Design

Social Analytics – More than just listening!

Many social media monitoring tools on the market are just concentrated on the “Listening” part, they are mainly designed for collecting concerned Social content but lack complete analytical functions, that may be good enough for News Clipping purpose but could not fully unleashing the power of Social Media monitoring, analyzed social content can usually discover many valued business insights and market trends.


Ai + Machine Learning Analysis

A good Social Analytics tool not only offering fruitful social data but also offering a lot of useful analytical results that enterprises needed, such as:

  • Accurate Multilingual supported Sentiment Analysis
  • Auto Category & Sub-category Classification
  • Valued Keywords Discovery
  • Keywords Correlations
  • KPI Calculation
  • Statistics & Trend Analysis
  • Crisis Monitoring & Alert


The Bonus of Social Analytics – Hidden Insights

Other than the expected contents and statistical results, social analytics can usually discover some hidden insights because the machine could analyze a large amount of data (Big Data) at the same time but a human could analyze a small amount of data sequentially only, the added Ai (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning calculations could also assist to find out more insights.


Leading Edge Social Analytics running at self-developed Modern Data Platform

Social Analytics Methodology


(1) DATA

Leading Edge social analytics solution supports flexible/customizable data sources, such as:

Social Data:

  • Mainstream Social Media
  • News
  • Local Forums / Blogs
  • Custom Websites

Optional Data:

  • Search Engines’ Results
  • Customer Data (e.g. Internal Sales/Marketing/Operation/Accounting/System Data)
  • External Data (e.g. Weather, Stock Market, Google Analytics, Baidu Analytics, Facebook AD, Linkedin AD, Other Systems/Websites, etc.)



Leading Edge social analytics solution uses self-developed analytical system running at proprietary Modern Data Platform, not only providing high performance and high stability operation but also supporting Ai and Machine-learning functions to offer more possible analysis results. Other features are as below:

  • Ai (Artificial Intelligence) + ML (Machine Learning) technology
  • Multilingual Analytics support (e.g. English, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Cantonese Slang)
  • Advanced Noise Filtering
  • High Accurate Contextual Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Auto Category & Sub-category Classification



Leading Edge social analytics solution offers user-friendly Automatic Interactive Dashboard for showing the analyzed results, customers could access the dashboard on normal web browser, some example results are as below:

  • Statistic / KPI Calculation Summary
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Categorized Topics (Category / Sub-category)
  • Sentiment Analysis (Positive/Neutral/Negative)
  • Valued Keywords List (Auto-discovered)
  • Keywords Correlations
  • Influencer / KOL Analysis
  • Trend Timeline
  • Crisis Monitoring / Alert

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