Data Consultation Service

Data Analytics Journey Phase 1

  • Giving you the upper hand like compile all of the valuable data and take advantage of what these data can tell you to formalize strategies or making an important business decision.
  • Those who never take advantage of their data for business insights are essentially wasting information that’s already available. The key is, big data consultation can help you organize, compile, and highlight valuable information.
  • Big Data Consultation service helps studies and refine the ins and outs of the organization data in a way that makes sense.
  • Compiling big data is not easy task, it takes numbers of data engineer and data scientist who has the domain knowledge to help to save you time. Where your team can focus on data strategies and organization users’ requirements.
  • Spotting the data trends and how to articulate your organization data in a way that makes sense to business is Leading Edge’s strength.
  • Leading Edge years experience can also advise data solution roadmap and provide unified all existing data sources under one data format. Ensure the same data compliance and data governance applied across entire data infrastructures.
  • Implementation and PoC (Proof of Concept) can also provide for companies to showcase ideas and present results to their management to align all parties’ expectations.

Examples of Data Consultation:

  • Data Governance
  • Gap Analysis
  • External Data Recommendation
  • Data Model Planning
  • Architecture Design
  • 5 Years Data Roadmap
  • Tagging consultation
  • Web/ Apps analysis consultation


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