Modern Data Platform

Data Analytics Journey Phase 2


Why a Modern Data Platform is needed?

  • Gain Clear Visibility and made available to everyone (Single Source of Truth)
  • Make your data infrastructures modularization (Flexible & Scalable)
  • Highly customizable insightful data visualization (Dashboard that speeds up decisions)
  • Acts as DaaS (Data-as-a-Service), should transparently orchestrate and automate the lifecycle, copy management, compliance, and governance of data across infrastructures, application types, formats, containers, locations, even SaaS.
  • Collection of data via real-time data sources in addition to batch loads.
  • Data can be generated from internal systems, cloud-based systems, along with any external data that is provided by partners and third parties.
  • Providing analytics to traditional platforms such as data marts along with specialty databases such as graphing and mapping.
  • Support for all types of users ranging from customers to data scientists.
Leading Edge Modern Data Platform 領越集團現代化數據平台

Leading Edge Modern Data Platform Architecture

Compatibility, Performance, Scalability, and Cost-effectiveness are carefully considered in the data platform design, we also well-used AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine-learning) technologies to enhance the operational efficiency and insight discovery capability.



Such as:

  • Supports different Data Sources
  • Supports different Data Formats
  • Supports different Usages
  • Supports different Tools/Platforms Integration



Such as:

  • Speed
  • Support
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Reusability



Such as:

  • Supports new Data Sources
  • Supports new Data Formats
  • Supports new Usages
  • Integrates with new Systems



Such as:

  • Low Running Cost (Subscription-based, Pay as you go!)
  • Low Maintenance Cost (Minimized the local hardware/software, less maintenance resource required)
  • Low Future Expand Cost (Most changes/upgrades are on the cloud, minimized equipment and software license cost)

Example usages of Modern Data Platform:

  • KPI Summary
  • Sales Analysis
  • In-App / Web Journey
  • Bounce Rate Analysis
  • Conversion Rate Analysis
  • Channel / Deep Link Analysis
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Download Analysis


Social Analytics

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Profile Monitoring
  • Post Distribution
  • Keyword Menu


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