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Leading Edge Group Limited (“LEG”) was founded by a team of highly experienced IT experts in 2014. The establishment of LEG is to contribute new and innovative technology to the market. We are specialized in delivering DATA-centric solutions. The professional service team has extensive structured and unstructured data analytics experiences and skills for meeting the high quality demanded of the cross-industries enterprise customers. We are providing data analytics services to the largest enterprises in Hong Kong.

LEG has involved in a significant number of successful implementations of business intelligence, data visualization, data warehouse, and data integration as well as predictive modeling projects of various sizes, ranging from small projects to large complex deployments that span different industries and a myriad of reporting requirements. Our professional service team has deployed over 100 data analytics applications, which has proven that we have solid, robust, and tremendous project experience in implementing analytics solutions.

We believe that the high quality of data analytics power relieved from our solutions can enhance the accuracy of the business decision made by enterprise management.

LEG is partnering with our customers to lead their business through visionary IT adoption to reach the edge of best-performed companies. The company provides Business Intelligence, Social Listening, Data Management, Advanced Analytics, and Predictive Analytics. Design, develop, and implementation of dashboards and provide Advanced Reporting tools to generate custom reports and graphs for your business.

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Qualification & Experience

HKMOL Most Outstanding Business Intelligence And Big Data Solutions Of The Year 年度最傑出商業智能和大數據解決方案

Most Outstanding Business Intelligence and Big Data Solution of the Year 2019

Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Power BI
Qlik View
R Project
Ui Path
Apache Spark
Apache Kafka
PMP - Project Management Professional

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Knowledge & Capability

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