Leading Edge Group offers insurance industry data analytics solutions, such as:


1.Effective Profit Analysis

Consumer Data, Alternative Data, Credit Data, Claims History, Demographics, etc.



  • Advanced Math analytics
  • Alternative datasets in underwriting to calculate premiums
  • Predictive modeling for likelihood of future events

Machine learning to predict and optimize models


2.Decision Services Management

Telematics, sensors, social media, behavior data, claims, alternative data – road conditions, safe neighborhood



  • Predictive modeling to calculate Insurance premiums
  • Underwriting decisions
  • Loss control measures
  • Claims management

Improved customer outcomes & increased revenue


3.Improved Fraud prediction

Consumer and Vendor Profiles, Claims history, location, social media, credit reference agencies



  • Trend analysis, detecting behavior patterns
  • Spot missed subrogation
  • Realtime fraud identification
  • Settlement and loss recovery

Predictive risk analysis secure investment decisions


4.Reduction in annual claim payouts

Claims, notes, sensor data, social media, third party data, vendor data



  • Personalized promotions/offers/services
  • Group packages
  • Data driven dynamic pricing
  • Effective channel optimization in lead and demand generation

Predictive analytics transforming investment decisions


5.Comprehensive customer analysis

Call center data, emails, social media, user forums, user behavior, profiles, relationship influence



  • Relevant future product offerings
  • Real-time problem solving
  • Preventing customer churn
  • Customer segmentation
  • Actual needs analysis

Improved customer sentiment with machine learning


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