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Social Listening / Social Analytics

Social Media is the most effective channel for modern marketers to gain customer insight, engage consumers, improve the customer journey and improve their marketing. Many customers not only sharing their product/service opinion on the social media platform, but also doing product research, discovery, consideration and brand advocacy on it before product purchase.

Social Listening (or called Social Analytics) is also very suitable for monitoring the marketing campaign feedback, you can do pre-campaign or post-campaign monitoring by selecting different monitor time period, adjust your plan before everything is too late!

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LEG Group Social Listening service offering:

1. Social Media Monitoring

It is an instant, accurate and easy-to-use research method to do market research, especially very strong for following purposes:

- Market Research or Gain Consumer Insights
- Customer Engagement
- Enhance Customer Experience & Crisis Management/Alert
- We could offer rich Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WeChat, etc.), Sina Weibo, Local Forums (e.g. Hong Kong, China, Taiwan) & Websites content (customizable).

2. Sentiment Analysis

Social Media data is very useful but huge, smart marketers would prefer reading user-friendly result instead of tons unstructured data, we use AI (artificial intelligence) based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning technologies (like Deep Learning) to convert the huge unstructured data to a human understandable sentiment – Positive, Natural, Negative**

**We do support many sentiment levels with excellent multilingual support (e.g. Hong Kong/Taiwan’s Traditional Chinese, China/SE Asia’s Simplified Chinese and English, etc.).

3. Campaign Monitoring & Performance Measurement

Social Listening can monitor a fixed time period of specified keywords (e.g. Monitor a marketing event from campaign start to end), so every relevant event activities and customer opinions can be easily collected for further in-depth analysis, such as:

- Overall Exposure (Many customers discuss about it?)
- Overall Feedback (What is the most customers concerned about the marketing event/promotion/activity?)
- Customer Suggestions & Other Insights (Any suggestion or special expectation that customers mentioned?)

4. Competitor Analysis

Social Listening can easily monitor different brands, products or services using the same criterial and data format, so customer can compare their performance after a fixed period.

For example, Telecom Service Provider, you may compare following:

- Pricing
- Service Quality
- Signal Coverage
- Package Acceptance of Customers

5. Crisis Monitoring & Alert

Social Listening can let you monitor a list of potential crisis, and alert you by Email or SMS when it has been reached a preset level (e.g. When a crisis keyword has been appeared for more than 5 times within a day or one hour).

6. Industrial Report

Most traditional reports use government announced historical data and/or combine with some traditional market survey results, such as phone survey or street interview. The common problems of traditional report are:

Market status may already be outdated – consumer market changes very rapidly, a few months ago’ historical data may already be unable to reflect the recent market situation, but social media data are timely updated, it’s content can be very close to the latest market situation.

Lack of sufficient customer feedback – traditional survey techniques can’t be collected huge quantity customer feedback due to cost consideration, social media listening is the most effective & efficient technique to gain customer insight.

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